Bottle Cooler 330ml

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Jay Spike
Bottle cooler

Great product fits a 330ml stubbie perfect so, cheers cunt 🙂

Lorna McMillan
Bottle coolers/stubby coolers &coffee mug

Hi Thank u ❤️them took a little while longer to get here due to weather etc Cheers thanx guys 👍🏻

Andy Hickey
Bottle cooler

Hasn’t arrived !!! Please call [****]

Angelo Fernandes
What a rip off

After finally getting my 4 bottle coolers yesterday I also had to pay an extra €11 euros for customs duty, which should have been paid by your company
What a bloody rip off, won’t be buying from you again and will never recommend anyone else either
You guys are the real cunts…

Cold beer is the best

Really good quality stubby coolers. Fit's bottles snuggly + material feels nice to hold. Friends love the wording on stubby holder.
Unsure as to why held up in Perth for nearly 3wks, but happily have arrived today.


This 330ml Cheers Cunt Bottle Cooler embodies the ANZAC spirit: cheekiness, larrikin-ism, mateship and camaraderie!

This offensive bottle cooler is the perfect gift idea for people with a sense of humor who are not afraid to stand out. Bring this rude beer koozie to the next family reunion or when you go meet your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents for the first time.
Stand out with our collection of offensive merch. The reactions you will get from complete strangers will be priceless.


Come and have a beer with us.

Cheers Cunts!